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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Please note that any work experience placement organised via the Moreton Hall Connect website is a wholly private arrangement between, on the one hand, the student and his or her parents and, on the other hand, the work experience provider.

Although we provide basic advice to work experience providers about the health & safety and safeguarding procedures that they should have in place, we do not organise these placements, nor can we take any responsibility for students' health and safety or welfare, vet the individuals or companies offering the placements, or transport or accompany any students on their placements.

We strongly suggest that parents satisfy themselves that the work experience provider has considered and taken measures to mitigate any risks to the student associated with the placement, and put in place appropriate health and safety and safeguarding arrangements. The checklist set out below is intended to help parents to do this.

Please note that the Health & Safety Executive states that students on a work experience placement have a duty to take care of their own health and safety, and that of others who may be affected by their actions. This includes listening carefully, following instructions, using any safety equipment that has been provided and taking part in relevant training. Parents are expected to discuss this duty of care with the student prior to the placement. Under health and safety law, work experience students are considered ‘employees’ of the company and are covered under the employer's liability insurance policy. If students have any concerns about their health and safety whilst on placement, they should raise them with their placement provider. If they have any concerns about an employee or volunteer working for the provider, they should raise these with their parents and/or with the provider directly.

Health & Safety and Child Protection Checklist for Parents of Work Experience Students


  • Have you or your child discussed the placement in advance with the placement provider, and provided them with any necessary information relating to your child's health, physical or psychological capacity?
  • Have you asked the placement provider to confirm that they:
    • have carried out a risk assessment in relation to work experience placements, which considers any health & safety and/or child protection risks associated with these placements, and recommends steps to mitigate those risks – this includes in relation to the activities that the student will be required to carry out, the student's exposure to harmful material, hours of work, level of support and supervision, and any risks that could be posed to the student by an employee, volunteer or another work experience student (for example, bullying behaviour, discriminatory comments and/or grooming or abuse;
    • will appoint an appropriate supervisor for each student whose responsibility is to look after the student and create as safe and supportive an environment as possible;
    • will appropriately brief any supervisor in advance, and provide basic child protection training to them where possible and appropriate;
    • will require all employees and volunteers who will come into contact with work experience students to help to create as safe and supportive an environment as possible.
    • will carry out any DBS checks that are required on any member of staff carrying out 'regulated activity' in relation to a student under the age of 16, or on the student where the student is 16 or over and carrying out 'regulated activity' in relation to other children in the organisation. Further information can be found:
    • will provide an induction to the work experience student which includes:
      • the steps that student should take if they have any concern about their placement, including a health and safety concern and/or a concern about the behaviour of an employee, volunteer or other work experience student towards or around the student or another young person.
      • a summary of the key points they should be aware of from any health & safety and/or safeguarding policy or staff code of conduct.
      • a health & safety and emergency procedures briefing.
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