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Success for Rebecca at Monkhouse Food and Drink

Rebecca is a perfect example of someone making the most of an opportunity. Rebecca came to see me at the Moreton Careers Convention with her father - and expressed a genuine interest in PR and marketing. She asked if I offered work experience - and I said - potentially, if she applied herself but not through her parents. Self motivation is of utmost importance to me. Any application via a parent goes straight into the bin! I am looking for students who want to learn for themselves and show the determination to seek out their own opportunities.

Rebecca did apply herself - and went through a competitive interview process. We agreed on one week of unpaid work experience, with the possibility of further work, if she showed us her value to the business. After her week with us at the start of the school summer holidays, my team asked if she could come back!

Rebecca returned two days a week for the summer holidays and greatly helped the team through the challenges of team holidays. I paid her an apprentice level wage as I do not believe in unpaid internships, if the student is doing something of value to the team. Rebecca carried out valuable support jobs - as she would if she had come as a university intern.

Rebecca worked diligently and delivered what was asked of her. She listened to instructions and retained information about what to do. She was also good company in the office, she fitted in well.

I think that Rebecca learnt that work days are from planned as we have to respond to the demands of clients. I think that she took away an understanding of the attention to detail needed to do a good job. Rebecca particularly understood the importance of team work in our working environment.

I hope that the summer has helped her in making the right decisions about her future career. I would definitely be interested in Rebecca returning to Monkhouse for future experience next summer, if we had a need for additional summer support.

Thank you, Rebecca - and Good Luck with your A-levels!

Clare Downes - Monkhouse Food and Drink